Sunday, August 19, 2012

The First Part of the Volcano

Gabriel and Stefenie, Chapter 5

"Wow, finally we made it to the top of the volcano. Yay!" said Gabe.
Then in the distance a noise sounded. "He Ha Who!"
"That's weird. A flying pig?" asked Stefenie.

"Ahh!" said Gabriel and Stefenie.
"Okay, I just learned something," said Stefenie.
"What?" asked Gabe.
"Whenever you hear that noise, duck!"
"Yes, that is a great idea." said Gabe.
"Okay, how many times did you bring Sonic?"
"10,000 times," said Gabe.
"You should be a little. No, a lot more accurate," said Stefenie.
"Okay. I do not know." said Gabe.
"Ahh, lava!" they both said.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" They both yelled.
Stefenie opened her eyes and saw they were floating on a two foot volcano. She frowned when she looked at Gabe. Do you know why? He was still screaming.
"Gabe. Gabe. Gabe." said Stefenie.
"What?" asked Gabe quite surprised.
Then Gabe saw a man's foot move behind a rock. Gabe yelled, "Hey you, over there, why are you hiding?"
"What are YOU doing on the map of the volcano?" asked the man.
"Can you let us down," asked Stefenie.
"Okay." said the man.
Then a noise struck. "Ughhh"
So Gabe asked, "What was that noise?"
"It is the dragon of darkness," said the man. "We need to get to my shelter."
"Do you have anything you want us to do?" asked Stefanie.
"Yes! Fight the dragon." said the man.
"Okay," they both answered.
"You need to get to the stone door," said the man.
"Okay," said Stefenie.
"Look, the stone door," said Gabe.
"Open it," said Stefenie.

The Volcano is Spotted

Gabriel and Stefenie, Chapter 4

"It is hot out here. Ah, lava rocks," said Gabe.
"But where are they coming from," said Stefenie.
"Yeah, you're right. Lava rocks don't just come from plain air." said Gabe
"Look a volcano. Let's explore it." said Stefenie.
"Okay." said Gabe.
So they ran and ran and ran for 8 whole hours.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vacuum Cleaner Lessons

I was vacuuming on Saturday. Sometimes you can see the dirt, and sometimes you can't.

God is like the dirt you can't see, but you can still believe that something is there. My point is, it might look like God is not there, but He is everywhere.