Thursday, July 5, 2012


One day I was helping Zech get dressed. Then Zech chose a red shirt and blue pants. Then I said, "Good choice. Blue and red go together." Then I realized Ariel's favorite color is blue and my favorite color is red. Then I realized God was trying to make me be nicer to Ariel. And I tried to do it. That was when God spoke to me that day.


  1. Gabe, I LOVE that you can hear God speak to you in the little things. He is always doing it, we just have to listen to Him. Keep it up!! :)

  2. Hey Gabe, waz up????? This is Mr. Decker from Colorado. You're looking mighty big in the picture! What happened? Been eating your wheaties? Here's a fun story I thought you'd appreciate. You know Ute Valley Park where you and I went cave hunting? This lady that was jogging in the park by herself the other day saw a huge bobcat. She actually got a picture of it on her cell phone. I'll try to send it to you. Pretty cool. Too bad we didn't get to see it! Maybe next time. From your picture it looks like you're doing well. What happened? You been eating your spinach?? Ok, gotta go. Take care.

    1. I wonder what a bobcat looks like.Its Gabe does say Amanda .I just wanted you to know that.