Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Castle of Big Mouth

                                       Gabriel and  Stefenie,  Chapter 3       

"Wow, it's a weird castle," said Gabe. "Ahh, skeletons."

"We have no weapons," said Stefenie.

"That's better than screaming like a girl." said Gabe.

"Jump," said Stefenie.

"That was easy," said Gabe. So they went to a red door. So Gabe said, "What is behind that door?"

"The boss," said Stefenie.

"Okay, open the door." said Gabe.

"It's Big Mouth!"

"You are such horrible heroes just so horrible really bad." said Big Mouth. Then after three hours of Big Mouth talking with no periods, a gag dropped over his mouth. Then he after he closed his mouth, he was embarrassed enough, he started charging.

"Ahh, said Gabriel and Stefenie. So they jumped and landed on Big Mouth.

So Stefenie said, "I know what to do."

"What?" asked Gabe.

"Jump on him," said Stefenie.

So we both jumped in the air and on the way down to Big Mouth we were fighting over who got to kill Big Mouth. Wham! Wham! So Gabe saw they both killed him. And said, "It is a lot better both of us killing him."

Then the castle started to shake, so Stefenie said, "Let's get out of here!"


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