Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Beginning

Gabriel and Stefenie, Chapter 1

Well, did you think after Gabriel and Stefenie defeated Bowser, King Vallan, and the Black Thorn, it was happily ever after? Wrong!!! About 5 minutes after we saved the princess a big stroke of lightning flashed.  Rain and hail splattered on the ground.  First, Bowser was standing in front of us. Second, King Vallan was standing in front of us. Third, the Black Thorn was standing in front of us.  They started to work together. Bowser pushed Gabe. King Vallan pushed Stefenie. The Black Thorn grabbed the princess. They all three ran away. Bowser hopped in his clown ship. King Vallan hopped in his snake ship. The Black Thorn hopped in the black mamba ship. So do you know what we did? We just ran after them. And the weird thing is, those snakes were flying. So the adventure begins.

And I needed to tell you that is not part of the story. It's just what happened. And that was Gabriel and Stefenie Chapter 1. See you next time.


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