Saturday, October 20, 2012

A to Z Treasure Hunts: Avocado

Chapter 1
To The Store

Lucy and Josh run to the store with their mom. They go to the vegetable and fruit section. Lucy and Josh say, "Mom, can we get strawberries?"

Their mom says, "No, but you can get avocados."

"Ew. Gross." said Lucy.

Then the mom demanded, "You are eating avocados for dinner and that's final."

Chapter 2
Into Our Dinner

"How's the avocados?" the mom asked sweetly.

"Great!" Lucy answered happily.

Josh took a bite and said, "Yummy!"

Then the dad asked, "Do you want me to cook another one?"

"Sure!" Lucy and Josh responded. Then they split an avocado.

Lucy took a bite and vanished. Then the dad said, "Where did Lucy go?"

Later Josh said, "Can I eat her avocado?"

"Go ahead," answered the dad.

Josh took a bite and vanished also. Josh fell down into the avocado's juice. He landed next to Lucy. They started swimming in the avocado juice so they wouldn't drown.

Chapter 3
The Avocado Pit

Soon after the fall they grew tired of swimming. Something happened that stopped them from quitting. Bits of avocado flesh started falling out of the sky. That meant their mom or dad picked up the avocado. The pressure from picking it up had made some of the flesh fall near them. They were about to be eaten by their own parents! So they swam and swam and swam until they pulled themselves out of the juice and onto the avocado pit.

Chapter 4
A Door in an Avocado

Lucy and Josh were walking around impatiently waiting for their parents to see them. They observed a door.

Chapter 5
King Vocado

Lucy and Josh opened the mysterious door that led to the inside of the pit. Five million pounds of coins were in the room of the unexpected door. Suddenly a metal magnet shot towards them and grabbed them both. King Vocado was standing there holding the chain that connected to the metal magnet.

Chapter 6
Happy Ending

Lucy thought she was stuck, but she wasn't. Only Josh was magnetized.

Above the avocado was their parents speaking to each other. The dad said sternly, "What is wrong with this avocado?"

"When the kids took a bite they disappeared," said the mom frightfully. The dad stabbed a knife into the pit of the avocado.

Down in the pit of the avocado, Lucy saw something shiny. She jumped at it, and pushed herself off the other side towards King Vocado. He fell over. He didn't have any arms, so he couldn't get up. Lucy got the metal magnet. Josh was set free from the metal magnet.
They climbed up the knife while Lucy was still holding onto the metal magnet. The magnet grabbed the treasure and they accidentally took the treasure with them. Lucy and Josh were out of the avocado. Suddenly, coins started flying out of the avocado. The mom opened her mouth in surprise and said, "We are millionaires." They never ate an avocado again.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Inside and Outside

Buildings are like people. God sees us from the inside and the outside. The inside is better because it reveals our real person. We are kind of like buildings. The building can look small on the outside, but be big on the inside. I may not look big on the outside, but I'm "big" or "special" on the inside. Just like a building.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The First Part of the Volcano

Gabriel and Stefenie, Chapter 5

"Wow, finally we made it to the top of the volcano. Yay!" said Gabe.
Then in the distance a noise sounded. "He Ha Who!"
"That's weird. A flying pig?" asked Stefenie.

"Ahh!" said Gabriel and Stefenie.
"Okay, I just learned something," said Stefenie.
"What?" asked Gabe.
"Whenever you hear that noise, duck!"
"Yes, that is a great idea." said Gabe.
"Okay, how many times did you bring Sonic?"
"10,000 times," said Gabe.
"You should be a little. No, a lot more accurate," said Stefenie.
"Okay. I do not know." said Gabe.
"Ahh, lava!" they both said.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" They both yelled.
Stefenie opened her eyes and saw they were floating on a two foot volcano. She frowned when she looked at Gabe. Do you know why? He was still screaming.
"Gabe. Gabe. Gabe." said Stefenie.
"What?" asked Gabe quite surprised.
Then Gabe saw a man's foot move behind a rock. Gabe yelled, "Hey you, over there, why are you hiding?"
"What are YOU doing on the map of the volcano?" asked the man.
"Can you let us down," asked Stefenie.
"Okay." said the man.
Then a noise struck. "Ughhh"
So Gabe asked, "What was that noise?"
"It is the dragon of darkness," said the man. "We need to get to my shelter."
"Do you have anything you want us to do?" asked Stefanie.
"Yes! Fight the dragon." said the man.
"Okay," they both answered.
"You need to get to the stone door," said the man.
"Okay," said Stefenie.
"Look, the stone door," said Gabe.
"Open it," said Stefenie.

The Volcano is Spotted

Gabriel and Stefenie, Chapter 4

"It is hot out here. Ah, lava rocks," said Gabe.
"But where are they coming from," said Stefenie.
"Yeah, you're right. Lava rocks don't just come from plain air." said Gabe
"Look a volcano. Let's explore it." said Stefenie.
"Okay." said Gabe.
So they ran and ran and ran for 8 whole hours.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vacuum Cleaner Lessons

I was vacuuming on Saturday. Sometimes you can see the dirt, and sometimes you can't.

God is like the dirt you can't see, but you can still believe that something is there. My point is, it might look like God is not there, but He is everywhere.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Greatest Prayer Meeting

On Sunday night I was going to a prayer meeting. We got to have refreshments, but we got there early so we didn't get to have refreshments early. But the refreshments weren't the best part.

It was the prayer. Because I prayed about a lot of different things. Like for missionaries to not go to jail for telling about Jesus. Like China and other countries don't allow people to talk about Jesus.

And we are lucky to be in the United States. Because we can tell other people about Jesus. And that we get to have this prayer meeting.

I think prayer meetings are fun because I get to pray about helping people.

My friends don't really like it. But I have been trying to help my friends enjoy it. And I had a great prayer meeting. This was the best.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Castle of Big Mouth

                                       Gabriel and  Stefenie,  Chapter 3       

"Wow, it's a weird castle," said Gabe. "Ahh, skeletons."

"We have no weapons," said Stefenie.

"That's better than screaming like a girl." said Gabe.

"Jump," said Stefenie.

"That was easy," said Gabe. So they went to a red door. So Gabe said, "What is behind that door?"

"The boss," said Stefenie.

"Okay, open the door." said Gabe.

"It's Big Mouth!"

"You are such horrible heroes just so horrible really bad." said Big Mouth. Then after three hours of Big Mouth talking with no periods, a gag dropped over his mouth. Then he after he closed his mouth, he was embarrassed enough, he started charging.

"Ahh, said Gabriel and Stefenie. So they jumped and landed on Big Mouth.

So Stefenie said, "I know what to do."

"What?" asked Gabe.

"Jump on him," said Stefenie.

So we both jumped in the air and on the way down to Big Mouth we were fighting over who got to kill Big Mouth. Wham! Wham! So Gabe saw they both killed him. And said, "It is a lot better both of us killing him."

Then the castle started to shake, so Stefenie said, "Let's get out of here!"

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cube Feather

 Gabriel and Stefenie, Chapter 2

"We have been walking two miles." said Stefenie.

"So we're are not even close to our adventure ending," said Gabe suddenly. Gabe hit his head on a object. Wham!!! "Ouch" said Gabe.

"You hit your head on a cube." said Stefenie, and something came out of it.

"Let me guess, a floating feathery fish." said Gabe.

"That's it! It's a feather, said Stefenie. "Grab it."

"We're flying, Stefenie." said Gabe.

Then Gabriel and Stefenie saw a grey dot. It was a castle. So Gabe said, "Go in." So that was just what they did.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Beginning

Gabriel and Stefenie, Chapter 1

Well, did you think after Gabriel and Stefenie defeated Bowser, King Vallan, and the Black Thorn, it was happily ever after? Wrong!!! About 5 minutes after we saved the princess a big stroke of lightning flashed.  Rain and hail splattered on the ground.  First, Bowser was standing in front of us. Second, King Vallan was standing in front of us. Third, the Black Thorn was standing in front of us.  They started to work together. Bowser pushed Gabe. King Vallan pushed Stefenie. The Black Thorn grabbed the princess. They all three ran away. Bowser hopped in his clown ship. King Vallan hopped in his snake ship. The Black Thorn hopped in the black mamba ship. So do you know what we did? We just ran after them. And the weird thing is, those snakes were flying. So the adventure begins.

And I needed to tell you that is not part of the story. It's just what happened. And that was Gabriel and Stefenie Chapter 1. See you next time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

God Can do Great Things

One day I was getting ready for soccer. But I lost my shin guards. So I went to the game,without my shin guards. But it was picture day, at least one good thing. Then it was time for the game. I had to sit out. But I prayed that God would make my shin guards walk up to me.

One quarter of the game by the next. Then it was the third quarter. Then a man saw how sad I was. So he went to the sports store and spent over $40 on me. And he went and gave it to me for free.

And my prayer did come true. My shin guards walked up to me. So I got to play the last quarter. And then the day turned out really good. And God had answered a prayer.


One day I was helping Zech get dressed. Then Zech chose a red shirt and blue pants. Then I said, "Good choice. Blue and red go together." Then I realized Ariel's favorite color is blue and my favorite color is red. Then I realized God was trying to make me be nicer to Ariel. And I tried to do it. That was when God spoke to me that day.